Anti-Bullying center

Cyberbullying is an issue that affects indirectly almost every teenager today . Here at Curious Cat we are aware of this, and want to make others aware while providing them with the neccesary tools to deal with it's consequences and try to prevent them. Did you know that:

Teenagers suffer cyberbullying
Victims will not tell their parents
Cases are not reported to law enforcement


We know Cyberbullying affects virtually everyone, not just teenagers, so we've included information for all parties:

Teenagers are the most susceptible victims to cyberbullies, due to their high presence online. We know this, and through this center we want to help you deal with bullies for yourself through the directory of tools that we have put in place here.
We know that as a parent it can be hard to know what to do when your child is being cyberbullied. With the tools we've resourced we aim to aid you in identifying a problem when you suspect there may be one, and how you and your child should act upon it.
Law Enforcement
Here at Curious Cat we believe law enforcement is a crucial part in combating cyberbullying, and we collaborate with them to the best of our abilities, so here we'll try to resolve any doubts law enforcement agents may have before getting in touch with us.
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